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You do not need to spend $000s on seminars or expensive software to successfully trade shares. However the share market is a gladiatorial forum. Your profit is another's loss and your loss is another's profit. If you are going to mix it with the institutions, the hedge funds, the insiders etc you will need to understand at least some of the systems and techniques they employ.
They say fortune favours the bold. Well in the share market fortune may favour the bold, it most certainly does not favour the blind, and in the long run fortune tends to favour the informed.

I work on a one on one basis and am totally independent.
I offer pure tuition, and have no interests in selling computer systems or data services. In fact I can show you how and where to obtain, at no cost, all the basic information required to trade.

I am not a financial adviser. I cannot and will not be telling you what to buy or sell and do not give tips. I can however assist you in understanding how professionals and successful traders operate and show you the techniques they employ.



Getting set up with the information you need to trade. It is now possible to get all the info you need for free on the net if you know where to go. I can show you that a lot of the information people charge you for is actually available for free and that with charting programs expensive is not necessarily best.



Trading from a simple bar chart with a pencil and with no computer. Understanding trends and counter trends. Common chart patterns and what they mean. Support and resistance, speed lines, channels and Eliott Waves.

Indicators, moving averages and trend following systems.

Timing your moves with cycles. How to maximize your returns through market timing.



How to protect your trading capital and maximize returns. Stop loss, trailing stop loss, risk reward and partial positions. If you only take one lesson this is the one.


STOCK SELECTION.....Fundamentals v Charts.

Basic ratios and balance sheets, The CANSLIM system used by the value investors like Warren Buffet. CANSLIM adapted for tech stocks. Techniques to trade spec stocks.

Scanning the market for chart setups 



Know the environment in which you are trading or investing. US markets, Bond yields, currencies and commodities the big picture.



Trading  ETOs, warrants, CFDs and company options for speculative leverage. Using derivatives to lock in profits and manage risk. Using options to maximize returns on blue chip investments.



I am pretty good at programming Metastock, have written software and systems that are currently used by advanced traders. I may be able to assist you in developing your own trading systems.

* Book your tuition now call   9386 3839

Sample content

Click below to download a 3 page sample of the 50 or so page presentation you recieve free with your first 2 hour trading lesson. It may take a minute or so

click here view sample slide show

Tuition Costs

  • Personal one on one tuition is charged at $60 per hour.


  • There is no commitment to book a course or set of lessons. Book your first hour. If during that first hour you feel I am not helping you then say so and there will be no charge. If you learn some useful stuff then come back for more .


  • Spouse/partner may attend at no additional cost. Additional people are charged at an extra $30 per hour so feel free to put a small group together .


  • I will do evening and weekend appointments for those who work office hours.



* Book your tuition now call   9386 3839